Friday, 20 January 2012

Thursday flowers

I love getting flowers for no particular reason almost more that the bunches given for Birthdays or Valentines - someone who knows me well came home from work yesterday with "Happy Thursday!" flowers in the shape of a bunch of pink ranunculas. It doesn't get much better.
My flowers have made a home with some tulips that were floating around and are now a corner of spring on the mantlepiece.

A dear friend is visiting so my Thursday was topped of with drinks at Hawksmoor Spitalfields where we sipped on amazing cocktails. I tried the Canterbury Cooler - gin, campari, elderflower and picpoul - garnished with chunks of pink grapefruit - quite in keeping with my bouquet!


  1. Oh, the dearest of friends :)

  2. I love tulips after they've spent a day in the vase. they are so whimsical when the stems get a little bendy.

    flowers and cocktails, quite possibly my favorite combination!